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Expert tuition for all subjects, all ages and all levels in and around Cambridge

Tutor Doctor Cambridge

Expert tuition for all subjects, all ages and all levels in and around Cambridge

English Tutoring


If you’re looking for an English tutor, you can count on our experience to provide you with the personalised help you or your student need. We tutor all ages and levels from Primary School all the way through to University level.

All of our one-to-one in home English tutoring programmes are personalised and designed to meet each individual student’s specific needs. We use the student’s school curriculum as a foundation, supporting areas covered in class and reinforce anything a student has missed or not understood fully. We also aim to maximise the student’s capabilities by designing activities that stretch the student beyond their school experience and compliment what they are doing in the classroom.

Because a student’s language proficiency often determines his or her general learning ability, the skills learnt through English tutoring will benefit other subjects as well. Our tutors aspire to create and foster a love for reading and writing in each student which will cross over into every other learning opportunity that arises.

Our free, no-obligation consultation allows us to learn about the student’s specific needs and to identify a tutor who will be a magical match for the student. Our tutors work with students not only to educate and tutor, but to create a strong rapport so that the effects of the English tutoring may be maximised.

It’s not just about reading and writing — students benefit intellectually, socially, and emotionally when they develop their language skills. As students move through the school years, they are required to use language with ever greater accuracy and fluency. Tutor Doctor can help your student become a more proficient reader, writer and speaker of the English language, and can also help improve proficiency in Spanish, French and other languages. Contact us to today for a free consultation!

Our tutors teach all levels of English, including the following:

  • Writing
  • Literature
  • GCSE and A level exam preparation
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Proofreading
  • Reading
  • Vocabulary
  • Media Literacy
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
  • Punctuation
  • Developing and Organising Ideas

Whatever the level and whatever the need, our one-to-one, in-home tutoring can help improve a student’s ability and confidence in English.

“Responsive. Tailored. Excellent tutors”

Mary and Robert Meakin, Cambridge

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English Tutoring

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