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Expert tuition for all subjects, all ages and all levels in and around Cambridge

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Expert tuition for all subjects, all ages and all levels in and around Cambridge

Maths Tutoring

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Not loving your numbers…?

At Tutor Doctor we know that gaining fundamental maths skills early on will help your student throughout his or her life. Our tutors help overcome roadblocks that prevent students from following classroom discussions and learning in the class. The maths skills learnt early in a child’s schooling serve as a foundation and if missing blocks of knowledge are left unaddressed, they become magnified as the maths becomes more complicated.

You can trust Tutor Doctor to help make maths easier to understand and get your student back on track. Our one-to-one approach works with the student’s own homework and curriculum, and we can spend time addressing topics which teachers may not be able to dwell on because of the class size or speed at which they have to get through the curriculum.

While our students come from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets, our tutors have the necessary skills and experience to ensure the student’s skills and understanding grows.

“Tutor Doctor found us the perfect tutor of the absolute highest quality”

Richard, Ely

At consultation when we discuss Maths we talk about Method and Care. Knowing the right way to go about any given Maths problem and then taking the necessary care not to apply this method (by doing something daft!) will work. Every, single, time. Whether the student is just getting started with percentages and decimals in primary school or looking to master Binomial Theorem at A-level we have the team and the approach to help them achieve with their Maths.

We want everyone to be saying they love Maths!! Call us today set up the FREE CONSULTATION or click on the button below to get the process under way.


Maths Tutoring

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