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Expert tuition for all subjects, all ages and all levels in and around Cambridge

Tutor Doctor Cambridge

Expert tuition for all subjects, all ages and all levels in and around Cambridge

Science Tutoring

science-studentScience doesn’t have to be difficult! Let our expert tutors help your child with their scientific understanding and cultivate a love for Science. Whether your student needs help with basic concepts or specific support towards GCSE or A-level Sciences, we can assist and help you succeed.

At Tutor Doctor Cambridge, we have expert, highly qualified Science tutors right here in our area, all ready to help you meet one common goal; success! Our experienced tutors can help students with their Biology, Chemistry and Physics and also social sciences such as Psychology and Sociology to get a real grasp of the content being taught at school in an environment at home which makes checking true understanding much less daunting than in class.

Exam technique is also key, ensuring that students complete the questions in the way that achieves the highest possible mark and in  an efficient way too as of course there is only so much time available in the exam room.

So if you or your child needs a boost when it comes to Science – or any other subject for that matter – call Tutor Doctor today or click on the FREE CONSULTATION button below and we will get back in touch to find out a bit more about how we can help.

“The tutor that was recommended was absolutely spot-on for my daughter and restored a lot of my daughter’s confidence”

Barbara, Hemmingford Grey

Getting the right Science tutor

At Tutor Doctor Cambridge, we know that you need mastery of two key areas to succeed in exams: Academic Foundations & Academic Discipline and our Science tutors will help you with both.

We get lots of applications in Cambridge to tutor Chemistry, Physics & Biology and we go about the recruitment process very carefully. All our tutors complete rigorous screening before we meet them in person. They become one of our specialist science tutors when we are fully satisfied that they:

  • Have excellent subject matter expertise: They know Chemistry, Physics or Biology like the back of their hand and can explain it in many different ways so that the student not only remembers it, but understands it too.
  • Have relevant tutoring or teaching experience.
  • Are natural communicators: It is essential that the student feels very comfortable with their tutor. This is achieved by carefully matching the right tutor for each student, a process made easier by having tutors who are naturally personable and communicative. The tutor will discover the student’s natural learning style and help them develop good study habits based on their natural strengths.

For whatever level of Chemistry, Physics or Biology tutoring you are looking for, contact Tutor Doctor to find a local expert tutor! Book a time for one of our educational consultants to come to your home, answer your questions, and get the information we need to choose the right tutor for you. Remember the consultation is FREE with no obligation.

Want to hear about science tutoring from a Tutor Doctor customer themselves? Watch the video below!

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Science Tutoring


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