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Expert tuition for all subjects, all ages and all levels in and around Cambridge

Tutor Doctor Cambridge

Expert tuition for all subjects, all ages and all levels in and around Cambridge

GCSE (and Key Stage 3) Testimonials

In some ways, this group can be our trickiest cohort to satisfy. The initial consultation always does a crucial job here, making the student feel central to the whole process.  Receiving feedback like these below from GCSE parents is really prized as this age-group can be our most resistant learners.  Having the right tutor in place, in an environment that really suits the student (out of the gaze of mates and mickey-takers) can achieve genuine breakthroughs for the students and parents, as you can see below are simply delighted when this happens.

“The very personal approach. We were impressed by the visit/ interview by Rob which we all found very useful. At first Harry was rather sceptical about the whole tutor thing, but when he appreciated he was part of the whole process and his views were indeed very important, he began to see the whole thing as more relevant and understood what was involved.”

Emma, Waterbeach

“Tutor Doctor provides only the best tutors, tailored to the students needs. They deliver excellent feedback after tutorial sessions. The organisation is highly efficient but with a personal touch. We would highly recommend this company.”

Julia, Cambridge

“Very supportive and helpful, this service is key to any student. To have the support and know Tutor Doctor have your son’s best interest at heart is superb. Rob is superb & very keen to help.”

Julia, Kings Ripton

“The flexibility in the change of subjects and tutors as needed. The high quality of the tutors we have had and their punctuality. The attention given to each students needs and applying that knowledge to the type of tutor that you have recommended.”

Serena, Cambridge

“Very professional team but with a personal touch. Very good and regular feedback whilst lining up our tutor and then subsequently good reports on progress and accounts.”

Nick, Meldreth

“I highly recommend Tutor Doctor to anyone who is looking to improve the education standard for their children. Since we have been with Tutor Doctor the standard of education for both of my children has increased beyond belief. I believe that this is due to the excellent way in which Lara (our Tutor) was chosen for my children and Lara has a fantastic manner of handling and explaining methods to them both. She has an outstanding way of delivering the lessons which has shown in the improvement of my children’s overall grades at school.”

Heidi, Cambridge

“We were very pleased with the service you provided and very impressed by the calibre of the teacher. This intervention helped to raise our son’s predicted grade from a C to a B, with which we are delighted.”

Mari, Cherry Hinton

“Friendly, professional, prompt, regular updates, easy to access, good tutors found”

Kristie, Saffron Walden

“You take time to put the right tutor with the student. The reports are very thorough and arrive on time.”

Chris, Cambridge

“Friendly and constructive with a well-structured regime. Both tutors were excellent & I really felt that this benefitted Alex both with exams and coursework”

John, Cambridge

“I have been extremely impressed with Sherry, she is very patient and offers help 24/7. Sherry has a great sense of humour and really gelled with Aimee. The way you interviewed Aimee in the beginning and placed her with a Tutor that she has felt comfortable with from day one was great. I will not hesitate calling you in the future (A levels !!!) and I would recommend you to anyone needing assistance with their children’s education.

Thank you for all your help and support.”

Lynette, Cambourne

“It’s very efficient, easy to arrange and tailor made for your child/young person. I would definitely recommend to any friends. One to one tuition makes such a difference.”

Paula, Burwell

“The sessions have been really great. Drew is applying all the techniques Courtney is teaching him and Drew is enjoying the tutoring. Courtney certainly was a great choice for Drew. Drew felt so confident in his poetry exam yesterday, thanks to great work by Courtney. Many thanks again and I am recommending you to anyone who asks.”

Helen, Cambridge

“The service provided tailors the needs and personality of the student with a tutor to meet them. The regular feedback is useful to keep all informed on progress and targets to aim for.”

Sarah, Great Chesterford

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